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Coffee in a small pitcher with cups on top of a marble serving tray in a kitchen area.

Five top tips for staging your property

When it comes to selling your property, whether you live in it or it is an investment property, you need to ensure that it looks the part when potential buyers come to view it. This can call for a little bit of work but ... Read more
A bed room with wooden furniture and wall painting decorations.

Renovating your home

Our top ten tips to add value without breaking the bank 1. Loft conversions  Converting an unused attic space can be a really cost-effective way of adding living space to your home. Some sources say a good loft conversi... Read more
An open book on top of a wooden table with fowers on a small pot facing a bed and a TV beside it in the bedroom.

Your guide to mortgages: Can you afford one?

In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the key factors that you need to know about when it comes to getting a mortgage in the current market. Plus, more importantly, I’ll help you figure out whether or not you can aff... Read more
A part of a living room with some details surrounding the area such as: a couch, flower vase on top of the table; curtains, sofas, and paintings. 

The why & how of home staging

Selling a property isn’t just about selling bricks and mortar. It’s selling the idea of a life within those walls. Presenting a house as a home that’s ‘lived in’, which a potential buyer can buy into and pictur... Read more
Books, a vase of flowers and a lamp on top of a mini wooden cabinet-table in a corner of a room near a window.

Why get a survey before selling-up?

A quick guide to pre-sale surveys Alongside title issues, surveys result in more property sales falling through than any other factor. Particularly for more expensive properties, sensible buyers will almost certainly see... Read more
A bed set with comfortable pillows and a lamp beside it.

5 Tips to packing up your home

When it comes to moving home, the stress doesn’t stop after you’ve found the right property for you. Packing and moving your belongings can prove to be chaotic and time consuming, but there are certain things... Read more