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Headlines that sell homes on Rightmove

Crafting the right Rightmove headline is an art, and it might just be the key to selling your home too. As you scroll down a never-ending list of homes online, you’ll find a sea of dull, generic descriptions. Nothing c... Read more
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My top ten tips for staging your living room

A gentleman called me recently, having struggled to sell his house for several months.  I took a look at his property advert online and saw a house that was full of mismatched furniture and cluttered rooms.  “Have yo... Read more
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Hard copy brochures? It’s the 21st Century!

I don’t know about you, but still I get excited about the post arriving. The satisfying thud it makes when it hits the doormat is a very welcome sound, and I often stop whatever it is that I’m doing and go to investi... Read more
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Bachelor pad a no-go; females are hunting too

So what do women want? It’s a question Mel Gibson attempted to answer back in the day in his 2000 hit, as he inadvertently delved into the female psyche. Whilst sadly he didn’t manage to cover female property desires... Read more
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What are you paying your agent?

It never ceases to amaze me that around 70% of my clients don’t know the commission fee they have agreed with their agent. Given that agents seem to be prepared to negotiate and reduce their fees in order to achieve th... Read more
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In hindsight….

“The flaws in the intelligence are plain enough in hindsight.” ~ Edward Kennedy Have you been trying to sell your home for months, or even years, without success? You’re certainly not alone; did you know t... Read more
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Your Total Floor Area: What to Include

More and more these days, the total floor area of a property is included on the floorplan, which can be very useful to a buyer when they are trying to work out how much house they are getting for their money. At HomeTrut... Read more