Loads of viewings but no offers – why?

Sometimes it seems that every weekend sees you tidying, vacuuming and getting rid of the dogs yet again, but come Monday, it’s the same old story – they aren’t interested. I spoke to a gentleman recentl... Read more
A fabric sofa, a wooden table, a plain colour floor and a window overlooking the next room

Who’s doing the viewings on your home?

I once went to view a property on behalf of a client; a lovely little cottage in Cheshire at £350,000.  When I arrived with a colleague, the front door was wide open and the viewing ‘rep’ was standing in the kitche... Read more
A flower in a vase, and candlelights on a wooden table, a sofa with throw pillows, wall decorations, and a lampshade

Is your photographer using the Delorean?!

Ahh the Delorean…a timeless classic car that graced our screens in the 80s. But we aren’t here to talk about movies. The car however, is important to the point I want to relay; with its time travelling abilities, it ... Read more
A pony toy underneath a wooden staircase in a friendly bright room with glass windows overlooking the trees outside

My pony tale

When I was a young teen, I was lucky enough to have a pony. He was a beautiful Welsh Mountain palomino, called Biscuit, and I adored him. My very favourite thing to do was to explore the countryside with him, where we th... Read more
A bright living room caused by a curtained-window facing the sofas with comfortable pillows.

Linger or leave?

When you’re selling your home, you might want to ask your agent if you can be present at the house viewings. It’s your home, after all. However, there are quite a few things to think about before you decide to trail ... Read more
A white furry dog in front of a fireplace

No pets please

Whether you have a solitary budgie or a whole menagerie, any pet you have will doubtless be a very important member of your family. However, even though it’s sometimes difficult for pet lovers to imagine, there is in f... Read more