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A pony toy underneath a wooden staircase in a friendly bright room with glass windows overlooking the trees outside

My pony tale

When I was a young teen, I was lucky enough to have a pony. He was a beautiful Welsh Mountain palomino, called Biscuit, and I adored him. My very favourite thing to do was to explore the countryside with him, where we th... Read more
A bright living room caused by an open curtained-window with a comfy sofa facing a stoned-fireplace

My top ten tips for staging your living room

A gentleman called me recently, having struggled to sell his house for several months.  I took a look at his property advert online and saw a house that was full of mismatched furniture and cluttered rooms.  “Have yo... Read more
An image of a bed with pillows on top of it, a candle and lampshade on the side. 

In hindsight….

“The flaws in the intelligence are plain enough in hindsight.” ~ Edward Kennedy Have you been trying to sell your home for months, or even years, without success? You’re certainly not alone; did you know t... Read more
A door, a wooden table by the wall with a flower painting just above, a chandelier on the way to the staircase with red carpet.

Your Total Floor Area: What to Include

More and more these days, the total floor area of a property is included on the floorplan, which can be very useful to a buyer when they are trying to work out how much house they are getting for their money. At HomeTrut... Read more
A table and chairs outside a house with a flower on top of a table

7 Questions to ask your estate agent

If your house has been on the market for more than three months, there are some questions you need to ask your estate agent to find out why it hasn’t sold so far, and what to do about it. A good agent will be able to a... Read more