Home Staging

A curved chair with pillows and a chest table furniture beside it. A fabric mat and books on a floor

Floorplans – do we need them?

Floorplans are a relatively new addition to property details. Originally they were only made available for either very grand homes, or new builds. Now much more prevalent and even the humblest of studio flats usually hav... Read more
Book on top of a table with a flower vase and a lampshade beside it. Hanging furniture with a door overlooking at a green tree outside

Home makeovers that won’t break the bank

Before viewing a property for the first time, buyers dream of opening the door to a picture perfect showhome. But, as any seller knows, getting the glossy magazine look doesn’t come cheap. Well, it doesn’t always com... Read more
Refined living room in a cream theme. A fireplace and a fabric rug on a wooden floor

6 Things to do before every viewing

When you first put your home on the market, you may have gone to great lengths to make sure it looked its absolute best for each and every viewing. Flowers, freshly laundered bedding, sparkling windows and the dog out of... Read more
A fireplace with a kettle above it

Where’s the fire?

Do you have a real fire? At this time of year, you may not want to spend the time or effort lighting it for viewings. Not to mention the mess….. Try this instead: clean out the grate, then fill it with chunky church ca... Read more
A house with a modern front door. Two plants on front and a glass window

Show your front door some love!

When you’re selling your home, first impressions are imperative. Research suggests it takes only seconds to decide if we like a house, and at least five of them are spent by buyers waiting at the front door for it to b... Read more
At a garden with Monsigny wine and a plant above a wooden table

‘Butterflies’ parking and other don’ts

What kind of car do you have?  Is your driveway garnished by a gleaming Mercedes or understated Audi?  Perhaps you figured your estate agent’s car was more appealing to show off your home, so he left his BMW on show ... Read more
A modern style house with a lampshade and a frame. A furniture hanging on a wall and a wooden floor

10 Quick staging tips

The agent calls, a viewer will be there within the hour. What can you do to ensure they see your house in the best possible light? Here’s my ten top tips to make your house shine in a hurry! 1. Grab a washing basket, a... Read more

Spring clean your garden

Gardens generally look awful at this time of year; the grass is patchy, the flower beds are covered in leaves, and your patio is covered in some slimy stuff that you’re sure wasn’t there last year. In addition, famil... Read more