The Market

Lampshade Your buyer's mindset

How to get into your buyer’s mindset

Proceedable buyers generally have mixed emotions about their impending purchase right now. On the one hand, they may be feeling a little invincible, being one of the highly sought-after minority that currently make up le... Read more

No Pets Please

Whether you have a solitary budgie or a whole menagerie, any pet you have will doubtless be a very important member of your family.  However, even though it’s sometimes difficult for pet lovers to imagine, there is in... Read more
Flowers and lights The hardest of the “3 Ds”

The hardest of the “3 Ds” – Divorce

Selling a house is often difficult and fraught with emotion.  Add a divorce to the mix and it’s downright traumatic. By its very definition, divorce is rarely amicable, and in most cases, one party is much more ea... Read more

Don’t drop your asking price!

The market is definitely quiet at the moment, it’s true. The buyers seem to have receded with the summer sun, and may not reappear until the daffodils emerge in the spring. If you’re in a huge hurry to sell, then y... Read more