The Market

Loft conversion, extension or move home?

Maybe you’re looking at your little ones, and you realise they’re just not that little anymore. Or you’re fed up of shifting essentials from room to room, because there’s not really a place for them to call home.... Read more

Don’t drop your asking price!

The market is definitely quiet at the moment, it’s true. The buyers seem to have receded with the summer sun, and may not reappear until the daffodils emerge in the spring. If you’re in a huge hurry to sell, then y... Read more

Once upon a time…

I think it was Tom Peters who said, “It’s really difficult to dislike someone once you know their story.” Not only does everyone have their own story, but every home has one too. Of course, the Tudor black and whit... Read more
Heathy food served on a wooden plate on top of a table and glasses with wine on it

Fancy a Creme Egg?

Cadburys’ Creme Egg was first introduced to a grateful public in 1971. Most of us over 40 years old could swear to the fact that these little eggs of delight have shrunk in size since we first enjoyed them as children,... Read more
A wooden cabinet and a hallway to the garden

Don’t blame the market

Many sellers who are unable to find a buyer, blame the market.  “We know the market’s dead,” they say, “so what can we do but wait?” Estate agents also blame the market, adding their own solution to the proble... Read more
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How to get into your buyer’s mindset

Proceedable buyers generally have mixed emotions about their impending purchase right now. On the one hand, they may be feeling a little invincible, being one of the highly sought-after minority that currently make up le... Read more