Lessons from…..


Lessons from Dale Carnegie (who?)

Dale Carnegie’s acclaimed self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People published in 1936 still holds true today.  I particular like his Six ways to make people like you.  These are: Become genuinely interes... Read more

Lessons from Henley Regatta: Final Thoughts

My final blog post on the Henley Regatta, and some final thoughts for you.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and will bring away some fabulous images and experiences with me I’ll probably never forget.  My final... Read more

Lessons from Henley Regatta: The People

People watching – what a terrific pastime it is!  I’m a very visual person, with a background as a professional photographer, so I really enjoyed all the outfits, hairstyles, personalities and characters tha... Read more

Lessons from Henley Regatta: Our Day

“Didn’t we have a loverly time at the Henley Regatta……” It was fantastic!  I went along with my husband Michael and my baby sister Kathy (the very talented photographer Katherine Ashdown), ... Read more

Lessons from Henley Regatta: The Brands

My family and I were lucky enough to be invited to the wonderful Henley Regatta recently, and I had some great takeaways from it I wanted to share with you.  I always see marketing lessons wherever I go, and feel that s... Read more