Are those dead leaves? Be gone!

Winter is on its way out of the door, and the spring is gradually tiptoeing in. With buyers eager to see the best homes of the bunch, this is the best time to act and get rid of any lingering signs of winter from your ho... Read more

The Freakonomics of commission

In their fascinating book Freakonomics, (subtitled “The hidden side of everything”) Levitt and Dubner explore the issue of estate agents’ commissions.  They propose that one way of discovering whether... Read more
Garden Seasonal photography

Is your photographer using the Delorean?!

Ahh the Delorean…a timeless classic car that graced our screens in the 80s. But we aren’t here to talk about movies. The car however, is important to the point I want to relay; with its time travelling abilities, it ... Read more

Guide For First Time Landlords

Today’s guest post gives advice for those looking into becoming a landlord. Although it can seem quite overwhelming to begin with, being a landlord can be a very satisfying job. Have a read of this post to gain a deepe... Read more

Once upon a time…

I think it was Tom Peters who said, “It’s really difficult to dislike someone once you know their story.” Not only does everyone have their own story, but every home has one too. Of course, the Tudor black and whit... Read more

How it all began

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was working with a developers, sourcing properties for him, when I got a call out of the blue from John, a friend of a friend. “Can you help me?” he asked. Turns out he’d ... Read more

What’s your headline?

Is your house for sale?  Log on to Rightmove and enter your area in the seach box.  When your property appears in the list, what does your summary say?  Is it a wordy description full of agent-speak, or a snappy atten... Read more

A snail mail tale

I called an estate agent today to assess, for my client, the way they handled my request (we do this often at HomeTruths – see Mystery Shopping).   I explained that I had seen a property on their online listing a... Read more