Lessons from Wimbledon and Andy Murray: Thursday – Compete

Fourth in my five-part series with the shamelessly contrived theme of Wimbledon! 

Andy Murray is exceptionally competitive. To him, winning is everything. Coming second is no consolation – it just means not winning. He needs this competitive edge, this determination to win, in order to achieve success. He has to want it enough. Not only this, but he has to know his competitor’s game as well as they know their own. Only by completely understanding  the nuances, strengths and weaknesses of Djokovic’s game could Andy hope to beat him by being better, stronger and more creative.

How well do you know your competition? Do you know what else someone looking in your price bracket can buy? You need to know what other homes are on the market that in any way could be your competition. Look at their price in great detail, for example, what is their price per square foot, and how does that compare to yours? What features are they offering? Is your conservatory equal in value and desirability to their pool? Does your garden compete well against their paddock?

It’s difficult for a buyer to compare non-exact features such as these, as it’s like comparing apples with pears. However, compare the houses is exactly what they will do, and they will make a balanced decision on which offers the better value, and the most house for their money. Thus a young family will often choose a home with new fixtures and fittings over one with more space, but dated fittings; an older couple may well decide a home with two bedrooms and more character has more to offer them than a modern four bedroomed home on an estate. Consider carefully what your most likely buyer will look for, and give it to them. And give it to them in spades. Just like the tennis players, your game needs to be better, stronger and more creative, then you’ll beat the competition hands down. Just like Andy did.

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