Lessons from Henley Regatta: The people

A bedroom which is focused on the side table with a lamp on top of it overlooking the window view with a vase of flowers

People watching – what a terrific pastime it is! I’m a very visual person, with a background as a professional photographer, so I really enjoyed all the outfits, hairstyles, personalities and characters that Henley Regatta had to offer. Boaters, blazers and wedding-type hats were the order of the day, and some attendees were more creative than others!

What’s today’s lesson then? I suppose it is to be observant! When your viewers arrive, notice what they are wearing, how they carry themselves, and their gestures and try to deduce from their appearance what kind of buyer they are. Are they down-to-earth, jeans and trainers types? Focus on the garden, the garage and the practical elements of your home. If the lady turns up wearing high heels and perfectly groomed, then she will appreciate any touches of luxury and sophistication your home has to offer. Make sure you give her the best chair, and offer her a cup of tea made in a teapot and served in a cup and saucer. These are all little touches, but little touches all add up to become a buying motivation.  Make the effort and see what happens!

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2 thoughts on “Lessons from Henley Regatta: The people

  1. Katherine Ashdown

    Great post… love the outfits and this is so true, pick up on them as people then you will know what elements of your home they might like… if the lady is well groomed you can gush to her about how gorgeous you big ensuite is or if they arrive in jumpers and jeans they may be interested in spending more time in your garden or kitchen. Listen to your buyers if she mentions she likes baking talk about what a great kitchen you have for cooking don’t rush them through to the lounge! Great post!!

  2. Sam Jones Post author

    Thanks Kathy, you’ve picked up on some great points here. Listening to your viewers is so important, particularly we ladies, who may not be quite so interested in the new boiler as some male vendors assume!

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