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I think it was Tom Peters who said, “It’s really difficult to dislike someone once you know their story.” Not only does everyone have their own story, but every home has one too.

Of course, the Tudor black and white timbered home that was once visited by Bonnie Prince Charlie has a long and interesting history that can be used to entice a prospective buyer; but what if you live in a 1970s ‘box’?  What can you say about that to make its story interesting to a buyer?

Well, there are several elements which can be combined to make a home’s story; here are a few to get you started:

  • History of the site

Perhaps your home was built on what used to be a country estate, or the site of a little-known but nevertheless important, battle; or else your town or village has an interesting history which you could draw upon.  Contact a local historian and see if you can find out what was on the land before your home was built, and perhaps where your street name originated from.

  • Architectural provenence

Finding out who designed your home can be a source of interest.  I once investigated the architect of a very unusual 1960s home in Cheshire, and discovered the architect had led a colourful and media-rich life.  We printed a copy of the original plan, together with some biographical information about the architect, and the extra interest added to the house so fascinated the next viewers that they offered the asking price on the spot.

  • Famous past owners

Ask your neighbours, local shopkeepers and anyone else who might know about who lived in the house before you did.  There may have been a celebrity owner, or someone who led an interesting life.  These kinds of connections can be attention-grabbing to a buyer.

  • Your own history

If you’ve lived in your home for more than a decade or two, you have a story of your own to tell!  What about the winter when you were snowed in for a few days, and your neighbours had to help dig you out?  Or when you hosted a party for 100 guests in your garden?  Or that you have won prizes for your roses?  Telling your story can add another dimension to an otherwise unremarkable house.

Stories about your home, your life there, your neighbours and your locality, all make up a rich tapestry of the house you are selling.  Sharing extra information will not only grab a buyer’s attention, and capture their interest, it can also help to make sure that your home stands out above the competition.  Told in an interesting way, your local paper may also be interested in running a feature on you and your home, which means extra publicity for you.  Create an interesting story and the buyers will come.

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questions here and if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch.