When every penny counts

When every penny counts

Are you downsizing? If you’re at that time of your life when you’re currently rattling around in a house that’s too big for you, that is consuming more time, effort and money than you want to give it, you may have ... Read more

Is your house name costing you money?

What’s in a name?  Do you live in ‘Rose Cottage’, or just ‘number 37?’ Do you know that the name of your house can make your buyers turn off, or reach for their cheque book?  That it can even affect your cha... Read more
How big should your brochure be

How big should your brochure be?

Sometimes I look at a client’s property brochure in despair.  It can be a beautiful, rambling country house full of character, and for reasons only known to the estate agent in question, he is attempting to market it ... Read more
5 Top Sources of Inspiration for Your Home

5 Top Sources of Inspiration for Your Home

If you’ve been trying for some time to sell your house, without success, it may be time to take a fresh look at your presentation to see if it really appeals to your target market. It’s not easy to do, as you are so ... Read more
3 things to do today to get your home sold

3 things to do today to get your home sold

No viewings for a few weeks?  Plenty of viewings but no one wants to buy? Try these three simple steps and see what happens! 1. Call your agent! Make sure you’re on his mind so that if a potential buyer calls the offi... Read more
3 quick reasons not to drop your price 2

3 quick reasons not to drop your price

For our clients, we focus fully on achieving the highest sale price possible. Here are three reasons not to drop your asking price: If you don’t believe in your asking price, why should your buyer? Be confident your ho... Read more

Think like a buyer

When your buyer is searching for their new home, there are several steps they will take.  By knowing a little more about what’s going on in their mind, you may be able to influence their behaviour, and persuade them t... Read more

Five Reasons You Haven’t Sold Your Home Yet

When you first put your property on the market, you were probably full of anticipation and hope that you would get lots of viewings and even an early offer.  But now it’s a few weeks or even months down the line, and ... Read more