The Freakonomics of commission

In their fascinating book Freakonomics, (subtitled “The hidden side of everything”) Levitt and Dubner explore the issue of estate agents’ commissions.  They propose that one way of discovering whether... Read more

Once upon a time…

I think it was Tom Peters who said, “It’s really difficult to dislike someone once you know their story.” Not only does everyone have their own story, but every home has one too. Of course, the Tudor black and whit... Read more

What’s your headline?

Is your house for sale?  Log on to Rightmove and enter your area in the seach box.  When your property appears in the list, what does your summary say?  Is it a wordy description full of agent-speak, or a snappy atten... Read more

Know your buyer

Who will buy your house? Most sellers, when asked this question, will respond with something to the effect that their house holds mass appeal. I think this point of view could cost you an early sale. Have you heard the s... Read more


If you’ve never heard of this winning little acronym, it stands for… Attention – Interest – Desire – Action … it’s a sales formula used by salespeople to sell everything from double g... Read more

Brochures, details and particulars

Way back in the olden days, estate agents would offer a double-sided A4 sheet of typed information to market a property, complete with two or three stuck-on photographs measuring 3.5” x 5”.  These were referred to a... Read more

Why you need a For Sale Board

I hear many reasons against having a for sale board: it’s a security risk; we don’t want our neighbours to know; we don’t want people to knock on the door, wanting to view; it’s embarrassing to have a board up fo... Read more
3 things to do today

3 things to do today to get your home sold

No viewings for a few weeks?  Plenty of viewings but no one wants to buy? Try these three simple steps and see what happens! 1. Call your agent! Make sure you’re on his mind so that if a potential buyer calls the offi... Read more