Your photos need naming!

Is your house on the market?  Good. Go to Rightmove ( and look up your property.  Now click on each image in turn, and look at the titles, in the bottom right hand corner.  What does it say?  If t... Read more

Has My House Price Gone UP?

A lovely couple contacted me recently for advice.  Let’s call them Paul and Claire. They were thinking of selling their cottage in Norfolk, and had just invited the pre-requisite three estate agents round to value the... Read more
What Sam did

What Sam did last weekend

How viewings can go wrong Last weekend, my partner and I went house hunting. We move house around every two years, so it isn’t entirely unusual, but it did highlight for me (yet again) the problems faced by viewers tod... Read more

Words that sell houses

Copy that crackles When an estate agent describes a house he’s selling, in a brochure or online, you’ll see he uses words that are found almost nowhere else in the English language: “benefiting from”, “dual asp... Read more

Big house: small budget

A couple of years ago, I was asked to look at a house in Lancaster that was proving difficult to sell. A large Victorian house set over five stories, the family owners had loved it for twenty years, and now it was time f... Read more