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At a garden with Monsigny wine and a plant above a wooden table

What kind of car do you have?  Is your driveway garnished by a gleaming Mercedes or understated Audi?  Perhaps you figured your estate agent’s car was more appealing to show off your home, so he left his BMW on show for the photographs.  Or maybe your muddy Mini was already parked and no one suggested you move it.

Over the years, I’ve seen property photographs with skips, broken down cars and driveways with weeds so high it’s impossible to park a car.  I’ve also seen ‘Butterflies’-type parking (remember Butterflies, with the four car shuffle?) where removing a car is more difficult than the Krypton Factor.

On the other hand, I’ve come across very modest dwellings with a Ferrari or Lamborghini parked outside.  I once knew an agent in Cheshire who always insisted on having his silver Mercedes C-Class in every front shot.  His window display looked like an Autotrader feature.  Having a fully-branded agent car plonked on the driveway is also quite common in the agency’s quest for brand awareness.

So what should adorn your driveway for your main image?  The answer is very simple: nothing.  Any car you park will lead a buyer to make an assumption, or draw a conclusion, and that may not be a positive one.  The agent’s car will do you no favours either; if you are lucky enough for the sun to shine when the front photograph is taken, and the result is a lovely image of your home, the agent’s car is only going to spoil the shot.  It also means you can’t use it if you decide to move agents.

Keep your driveway empty, clean, free of weeds and looking smart, and your front shot will look the better for it.

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