What are you really selling?

To make sure that your property sells faster make sure that your estate agent realises that they are not selling a property. No, really.

Today’s post comes to you from Colleen Babcock, the Marketing Manager for Northfields – an award-winning estate agent in London. A firm believer in, and advocate of, lifestyle marketing, Northfields use emotion and lifestyle imagery to sell the dream – not the bricks and mortar! I’ll let Colleen explain the concept: 

Colleen Babcock Northfields

Think about the last property you bought.  Why did you buy it?

Chances are it wasn’t that it had the most square footage or even the cheapest price tag. It will have been because you could picture yourself living there.

As estate agents we really don’t sell property, we sell a lifestyle. It could be just a clichéd sound-bite, but at Northfields we know that “lifestyle marketing” is what sells property – faster and for a better price. It’s not just something that “sounds good”.

At Northfields we’ve had over 27 years of experience and we’ve learned that a home is more than just 4 walls and a roof. What makes a property a home is how someone will feel living in the space.

It’s whether or not you can pop out on a Sunday morning to a local shop for a pint of milk when you’ve run out, or whether or not you can cook dinner in your open plan kitchen while watching the children.

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