Over the threshold and into the hall…how’s yours looking?!

When potential buyers come to your home for the first time, the hallway is the first room they’ll see and yet it can be surprisingly overlooked. A lot of people don’t consider it to be a room per se, and consequently its sleekness is often snubbed for the larger rooms of the house. However the minute the buyer walks over the threshold, they are very impressionable and any flaws left lurking within the hallway will be tallied.

Research from Rightmove last year found that 2 in 5 British home owners decided that they wanted their house before they had even got past the hallway, which really shows how important the hallway is; make a mistake in there, and their dream home won’t be yours.

How can you turn a hallway into the charming and alluring dream of those seeking their fantasy property? Jump outside of the box, and see your hallway as a guest (if it helps, ask for an outsider’s perspective). What does it need to make it perfect, and give it the ooohh factor?

Ensure that it is cleaned to each corner, and that any unresolved DIY is prepared. Lay down a rug, and add a mirror to the walls. If you have a table, add some fresh flowers and pot-pourri. Open any surrounding windows for a fresh breeze when they arrive, and maximise the light in the room to make it warm and welcoming.

Rightmove also found that 1 in 3 people decide that they want a house on their very first viewing. Make sure they’re going to want your home, and show your hall some love.

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