Guerrilla marketing ideas to market your home to females

This month we’ve been looking at how to market your home towards females, and this week we’re specifically focusing on Guerrilla marketing. Some of our favourite examples from around the world include the US brand Target, who found an interactive way to advertise its new home decor line by displaying the products within a life-size dollhouse in the middle of New York’s Grand Central train station, and inviting visitors to step inside. Our second favourite is Ikea turning a subway train in Japan into a living room.


We’re not expecting you to turn your local bus or train into the interior of your living room, but these ideas show that doing something different really works. How can you apply this to marketing to females? We’ve put together some simple, cheap and effective guerrilla marketing ideas:

Car boot – Want to get rid of some stuff before you move? Set up a stall at a car boot sale, and allow half of the table to advertise your home. It can be a poster, a tv with a video constantly playing or a pin board covered in images. Make it stand out and look like something different to attract interested parties. Have a link to your estate agents website, or use a QR code to directly link from peoples phones.

YouTube – YouTube has millions of views daily, and if you rustle up something original it is bound to be seen. A man made the news in 2012 for creating a video about his home to try and sell it, which included a quirky song and some light humour. We’re not suggesting you create a single, but his efforts paid off. Take your viewers on an amateur tour of your home, and show them what makes it special. Get friends to share it on social media, and the love will spread!

An advert with a difference – You know those adverts you see in shop windows, where you can tear off a bottom section for contact details? Do this, but with a difference. Create an image of your home, whether a photograph or a drawing, add some details, and add tear-off contact details below. Cut it out as a house shape, and ask to place it in a few local places where females will notice it. Its creativity will turn heads.

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