4 Local places to market your home to female buyers

This month we’re looking at how to attract female buyers to your home; they’re a large segment of property buyers, and consequently you need to be marketing properly towards them as a buyer. This week we’re looking at where you can be marketing your property to these potential buyers. Estate agent windows and websites aside, why don’t you take your marketing a little further?

Where will women be looking, and where should you be targeting your efforts? We’ve put together some suggestions below. Wherever you advertise, make it stand out: talk about its best qualities, whether it is a fantastic family home, close to local schools, or has an amazing kitchen. Often local advertising isn’t that expensive, and a half page advert in the local weekly paper could mean you sell your home a lot faster.

Social Media – Recently we talked about the benefits that social media offered as a place to advertise your property. This is ideal for catering towards the female market. Put together a social media profile for your home, and ask your local friends to like it and circulate it to their friends and so on. Everyone is bound to know a woman who is property hunting, and it is very likely your house will pop up in her news feed.

Supermarkets – Every supermarket has an advertisement board, and they’re ideal for promoting a home. Usually free, this is a great way to put your home in to the spotlight of thousands of female buyers.

Local advertising – You know those local papers, magazines and adverts you get through the door? Women will be looking at these, and an advert about your property wouldn’t go amiss.

Social/Activity Clubs – Think about where females socialise with their friends; the gym, the local yoga club, the parents crèche, a great local café in the centre of town. Wherever it is, ask if you can put up an advert about your property.

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