A snail mail tale

I called an estate agent today to assess, for my client, the way they handled my request (we do this often at HomeTruths – see Mystery Shopping). I explained that I had seen a property on their online listing and asked if they could send me the brochure.  The lady duly took my contact details and said she’d email me the brochure. Whoa…… I told her that I really needed them sending by post (making up some story about my printer not working). “But you’ve missed tonight’s post!” she protested. I reassured her that an extra day would be fine. She conceded with an embarrassed laugh, promising to put it in the “snail mail”, as she called it.

After putting the phone down, I looked again at the online brochure on my screen, and wondered why she thought I would want this same digital brochure emailing to me? Surely, when a buyer calls and requests a brochure, they would have already been online and what they want is something more?

One last thought: given that the average brochure print run is 50-100, what on earth do these agents do with all the brochures?!

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