What’s your headline?

Is your house for sale?  Log on to Rightmove and enter your area in the search box. When your property appears in the list, what does your summary say? Is it a wordy description full of agent-speak, or a snappy attention-grabbing headline? Compare it with your competitors in the list. Does yours stand out?

Check out these examples:

Lovely description, whilst wordy, it includes a real sense of rural lifestyle: “the odd baa from the sheep”. Lovely.

Compare the last description with this one: full of agent-speak – “versatile living accommodation” – and the elipses indicates it’s just a cut and paste job from the main description. Very lazy.

Ouch! Capitals are rude and very shouty – DON’T USE THEM! This ad stands out for all the wrong reasons.


Ok, I know I said no capitals, but here’s an example of how they can work. Great prose: “a chance to own a truly historic home”, and a great strapline – “You can’t top this”. Add a great dusk photograph, and you have a beautifully atmospheric listing. Just begs to be clicked on!

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