Why you need a For Sale Board

I hear many reasons against having a for sale board: it’s a security risk; we don’t want our neighbours to know; we don’t want people to knock on the door, wanting to view; it’s embarrassing to have a board up for months on end. These are all valid reasons, but none outweighs the merits of having a for sale board outside your home, when you’re trying to sell it. Some reports indicate that up to 50% of enquiries originate from a for sale board, and in a difficult market, that’s a statistic you just can’t afford to ignore. Even if your house is down a no through road, or considerably off the beaten track, you should not take the risk of missing out on even the smallest number of potential buyers that might see it.

Whilst your home is on the market, it’s vital to keep it looking good. If the wind blows it slightly askew, make sure you straighten it without delay, or ask your agent to arrange this. If the board that is erected for you is considerably past its best, and looking tatty, then don’t accept it: ask for a new one to be put up. Keeping it clean and straight is a subtle but strong indication to a buyer that you value the way your home is presented, and they will subconsciously acknowledge this.

Clever ways of using your for sale board:

  • Put your price on your board.

This is a bold move, and it’s rare a seller tries it. However, if you are on a busy thoroughfare, or maybe in a popular village, putting your asking price on your for sale board can really bring in the enquiries. Otherwise, when an interested buyer sees your house is for sale, they have to do the research themselves to discover whether or not it is affordable to them. This may involve a call to the agent, searching on their mobile, or remembering until they have access to the internet, to look for your house online. These all have the potential elements of delay and frustrations, whereas if the buyer can see straight away the price your home is for sale at, the only step they need to make is to call the agent to book a viewing. More simple, direct, and less susceptible to anything going wrong.

  • Attach a brochure holder.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for a potential buyer, if whilst walking or driving past your house, he could stop and pick up a brochure? So right at the point of his initial interest, his desire to find out more about your house is fulfilled immediately. He can sit in his car or pause a while on his walk, to take a look through your brochure, and decide whether or not to take the next short step to book a viewing.

  • Have a unique sign.

There are some sign companies that will create for you a bespoke sign. This could include photographs of your house and garden, and even be constructed like a book, with opening “pages”. This gives the seller the opportunity to ensure that all the best aspects of his home can be ascertained from his sale board, without relying on the buyer to take the necessary steps to find out this information for himself. One example of this is below, where the kitchen is featured. This can be really eye-catching!

In a nutshell, your for sale board could be your biggest and most effective marketing tool, so use it to its best advantage, to make sure that everyone knows your home is on the market, and to lure those buyers to view.

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