Is your online property advert too talkative?

The online advert for your property must paint a flawless picture of your home to generate attention. We’ve touched on imagery and brochures, but what if your advert is a bit of a chatterbox? As in, what if your advert just shares too much detail?

It is a common misconception; surely someone interested in a property, wants to know it all? Well, not always. People simply want to know enough detail about a property to decide whether to rule it out, or to go for a viewing. If they are drenched in a sea of text to rival JK Rowling’s first draft of Harry Potter, it is superfluous, very puzzling and can be quite counterproductive. On the other hand, provide too little information, and people will be trying to work it out for themselves. So where is the fine line between providing too much and too little information?

If potential buyers have to scroll continuously down a property listing, this is too much material. If they are looking for anything in particular, they could get frustrated with the massive clump of black words and move on to another listing. If the rest of the property information is perfect, you might get away with it. If not, you’re running the risk of losing peoples interest.

When too much information is provided, there is always the chance of misinformation being provided too. For example, a window is listed as double glazed when it is actually single glazed. Something like this can be used by a buyer to come back to you as being misleading. However, if it wasn’t in the listing in the first place, they could have simply asked about minor details like this at the viewing. If too much information is provided that is really non-essential until the viewing, don’t include it. Buyers don’t need to know minor details until later.

When it comes to too little information, if buyers have to try and guess what’s going at the property, this is a no go. If they have to try and guess what rooms are in the house based on the images and very limited text, this again could tempt people just to look elsewhere.

When it comes to property text, potential buyers need the details that are important. They want to know what the property is like without delving into the depths of the houses’ cupboards or knowing how many plug sockets are in the kitchen. By providing simple detailed information about the house, its location, its size, condition and price, you’re on to a winning listing. Couple the description with floorplans, brochures and fantastic photography, and you’ll have buyers queuing at the door.

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