Don’t hide your price under Harry Potter’s cloak; POA isn’t clever!

We’ve all spent our fair share of time on Rightmove; have you come across some POA’s in your browse time? Instead of a nice shiny price, three letters are sitting in front of you. Price on Application as it is better known means the price is a secret, unwrapped – at least partially – by a shrewd call to the people in the know. What does it make you think? Are you encouraged to ring the agency, or do you drift to the next listing?

Here’s why you shouldn’t allow your agent to add a POA to your property:

It isn’t really a secret –Rightmove and its competitors don’t allow much to be a secret. While it may look like your homes price is hidden under Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, it really isn’t. POA is only the description; a price has to be input on your listing. A buyer simply needs to widen their price and area search, and your secretly priced home will sit prettily in amongst the homes that its value lies between. Not much of a secret anymore!

People are put off – Would you like to think you’re putting people off your listing, don’t you want the opposite effect? While your house might be the height of perfection, if people see POA they are likely to wander past you, and look elsewhere.

So if you or your agents are considering adding a POA to your lovely home, think twice. It isn’t doing anything positive for your home sale, and can actually be adding negativity.

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