Can I nosy in your cupboards? Buyer questions to prepare for

When you have buyers coming to view your home, questions are to be expected. With some, the estate agent will be able to real off the answer as they glance at their documents, but others will be more personal and in relation to your home.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some likely questions that may arise when potential buyers have a genuine interest in your house, and want to know a little bit more than the wallpaper colour…

Cupboard moseying – As well presented as your home might be when people come to take a look, how are your cupboards looking? While it may seem a peculiar place for people to take a look, some buyers like to scrutinise a home down to the last brick. Fixed cupboards, especially ones of the kitchen variety, offer a chance for people to suss out how they will display their bits and pieces. Taking this into consideration, don’t use the cupboards to store the mess you’re trying to hide while the lovely people are visiting; you might be left red faced when an over crammed cupboard spills out into the floor.

Cobwebs – By this, we don’t mean clean your home (it should be clean if you’re expecting company), but the houses past. If your house is quite an age, potential buyers might want to know about any odd particulars that have taken place. If your house has somewhat of a shady past (even if it didn’t bother you), buyers may want to know, and this could really swing a sale in a negative direction. An older house might also evoke questions about structural problems or anything untoward that causes a few hiccups with maintenance.

Nuisance Factors – While your viewers will want to picture their prospective home as the one of their dreams, they’ll still want to ask about any irritating aspects. Such examples might include traffic from nearby restaurants or shops, or sounds from motorways. These sort of sounds might be more clear at night. Other examples could include noisy pets, and even the politeness of the neighbours. As long as you’re truthful with your answer and don’t appear to be cleverly concocting a story, buyers will trust you.

Distances – The majority of your viewers will be local, but occasionally you might get some from outside of the area, looking to move in. In these instances, they’ll be interested in the area surrounding the house in regards to amenities. How close is the nearest shop, petrol station and railway station are commonly asked questions. If they have children, the distance to good and local schools will also be taken into account.

Be prepared for anything logical that might be asked when potential buyers come to view your home. You’ll be installing further confidence in their budding purchase and offer further promising selling points that make your home that little bit more special.

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