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Winter brings with it many challenges, but selling your home during this season shouldn’t be one. House hunters still look around during the winter season, especially if they’re looking for a fresh start in the New Year. The nights may be darker and it may seem more of a challenge to make your home more appealing, but with a few practical tips, your home will gleam with winter charm.

Heat it up! No one wants to wander around a cold house; it is uninviting and can put people off immediately. If you know you’re going to arrive at the same time as the potential buyers, set your timer to come on a few hours prior to the viewing. Not only will the house be toasty warm, it’ll prevent any noises of boilers kicking in. Before they arrive, maybe pop the fire on low too if you have one; it makes a living room so warming and homely.

Clear the path. If the winter is a cold one, chances are that the snow will arrive. Ensure your front path is shovelled to make it clear, and gritted to prevent slip ups. Trawling through the snow to the front door isn’t massively inviting.

Let there be light. A dark home is not in the least bit appealing for viewers. If they’re arriving after dark, turn on lights in all rooms. Don’t use the main big lights, go for lampshades. Turn on any lights in cupboards or on appliances. Don’t shut any curtains; it’ll make rooms seem closed in. Do not use the TV as a light; turn it off. Take advantage of timers too; if people go past your home and see for the sale sign, your home will seem more interesting with lights on.

Dress your rooms. Make a room look inviting and well-staged by creating a mood. In the dining room, set the table for a meal using your best china. Put your lotions and shampoos in neat groups in the bathroom, and hang freshly laundered dressing gowns. Place winter flowers in vases around the house. Set a newspaper on the coffee table and a few magazines.

Visuals! Make your home sparkle on the inside, and keep it really clean. Vacuum carpets, wash the windows, dust furniture and clean the floors. Clean out your fridge; surprisingly, many people look in the fridge, especially if it comes as part of the kitchen fittings. Display pictures around your home of your garden during the warmer seasons, so they can see what it looks like during this time of year.

Beware of smells. While making your home smell nice is a must, don’t spray air fresheners or perfume in case visitors are allergic. Focus on getting the home smelling naturally clean and welcoming. A lovely inviting smell is baking; make some cookies and time them so they’re just ready as people arrive. Ensure that you offer them to the buyers though, or they’ll be disappointed!

By following such simple tips, you’ll ensure your home is welcoming and appealing during the winter season. A homely midwinter home will tick all the right boxes, allowing your buyers to imagine themselves living there when the cold weather rolls around.

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