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If you’ve been trying for some time to sell your house, without success, it may be time to take a fresh look at your presentation to see if it really appeals to your target market. It’s not easy to do, as you are so familiar with your surroundings, so I’ve put together a list of places to go to get inspiration, and perhaps motivate you to take your house up a notch, and really wow your viewers:

1. Pinterest – if you haven’t yet heard of this nifty site, you soon will do. It’s essentially an image portal, organised into personal ‘pin boards’. A search for ‘cosy’ for example, will lead you to a huge gallery of home and interiors images, all tagged ‘cosy’ by the contributors. You can simply browse this gorgeous site for hours, and if you like, create your own pin boards, grouping the images you come across by room type, style, colour and so on.

2. House to Home – another beautiful site, owned and maintained by the publishers of the top interiors magazines such as 25 Beautiful Homes and Ideal Home. Here you’ll find thousands of images of rooms and gardens, organised by category, style or colour. Once you’ve found a room style you like, you can even ‘Pin’ the image to Pinterest to save for later.

3. John Lewis – a stroll around any store will leave you breathless with excitement and full of ideas! If you find that the prices are too rich for your budget, have a look in Matalan, TK Max Home or Argos for cheaper alternatives.

4. Local showhomes – these will give you loads of ideas for your own home. If they are appealing to the same market as you are with your home, copy as many of their ideas as you can. They have been carefully designed for maximum appeal to that particular buyer, so you need to compete strongly to make your house really stand out.

5. Home Stagers – hiring a professional home stager to give you ideas for refreshing the look of your home can cost as little as £150, and you can even ask them to draw you up a shopping list, to your budget. An invaluable resource when you’re struggling to sell your home. Try Home Stager Network to find a local stager.

So there you go – now you have no excuse to sit back and do nothing! It’s a tough old market out there and to beat the competition you really have you up your game. Happy browsing :o)

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