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Picture the scene: you have got someone coming to look around your property Saturday lunchtime, but something’s come up, and you’re desperate to rearrange the viewing. In a word, don’t. Why not? Well, they might just not come back! Read our reasons for not cancelling or rearranging below…

The 24 hour paradigm – A lot can happen in 24 hours. Even if you just rearranged the viewing until the very next morning, a potential buyer can see half a dozen houses in this time, and be already making calls to arrange their mortgage.

Tardiness – Unless they’re already head over heels for your home, most buyers just won’t want to rearrange a time to see your house, especially if it is last minute. Unless you have a genuine reason, they’ll expect you to do it again. Don’t be the canceller.

They could be ‘the one’ – What if your buyer was the person who was going to buy your home, and because of your shifting around, your home has to sit in your agent’s window for another six months? Any viewer is a potential buyer; don’t lose the opportunity to show your home off.

If you are considering rearranging an appointment in the near future, keep this list in mind. Unless your reasoning is something you really can’t cancel, delay that event by half an hour instead of your property viewers. Why delay, when you want to sell?

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