The sweet smell of success

A cup of coffee, a plate of bread, and flower vase on top of a table; and a fireplace behind it

Freshly brewing coffee? Baking bread? Do they really work?

In my opinion, these are just a little bit too obvious – and as such, will come across as you trying too hard. However, it is true that the sense of smell does play a huge part in making a viewer feel they could be at home. Here are my Top Five Tips for giving your home the Sweet Smell of Success:

1. A vanilla pod in the oven on a low heat is far more subtle, but smells delicious.

2. Dog owner? Take pooch and any pooch-related bedding out of the house in plenty of time before the viewing – trust me, non-dog lovers will be able to smell it a mile away.

3. Scented candles (used sparingly) smell much nicer than spray fresheners.

4. Place tumble drier conditioning sheets at the base of all of your bins for a lovely fresh laundry smell.

5. Pop some pot pourri in your vacuum cleaner before you clean the house for a subtle but appealing scent.

I scents an offer….[ boom boom.]

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