Summer lawns and lemonades

There’s nothing like a lovely spot of glorious sunshine to make people envision their life in a new home, and eagerly bring the iPads into the garden to have a peak at the property apps. This is a perfect reason why you have to ensure your property advert and photography is suitable for the season.

“Why”, I hear you cry? “My house looks just fine!”

Is it, though? Take a closer look. If it was put on the market in the last six months, chances are that your outdoor shot is stuck in the depths of autumn or winter. Are there autumn leaves knocking around, or even worse…snow?! Even if your home is professionally styled on the inside and looks like one of the Home and Garden dream properties, if the outdoor shot is stuck in a seasonal pothole, buyers will walk on by, Dionne Warwick style.

On most property adverts, the outdoor shot is the primary shot, and the one that shows up when searching for your home. It can’t be out of season. SO what can you do? Get your agent, or the photographer you use, to refresh your outdoor shots. Your front shot, and both back and front gardens need to be in the depth of summer, showing the lifestyle your home offers with summer lawns and lemonade and what makes your home special. Sell your buyers your homes summer lifestyle, and don’t let them witness a seasonal blunder

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