How to test your estate agent – can you handle the results?!

I’m often asked to conduct ‘Mystery Shops’ for my agent clients, and usually, both they and I are disappointed by the results. Sloppy answering, disinterested staff, and a lack of engagement are all regular elements of these calls. What a wasted opportunity! 

“But my agent isn’t like that” I hear you protest. Good! I hope you’re right. Care to put your claim to the test?

Ask a friend to do this for you, in case your agent recognises your voice. Have her call your agent and tell them that she’s looking for a house in a price range and area that would include your property. Then award the following up to ten points for each element:

Asked for my phone number

Gave their name

Buying position ascertained

Offered to register your requirements on a mailing list

Asked any questions about your buying criteria

Engaged, interested, friendly?

Mentioned your property and commented positively

Mentioned a viewing
Took email or physical address in an efficient manner

Details requested arrived promptly


How did they score?

Over 70 points – good effort! Worth persevering with this agent, perhaps give feedback on the elements where they could improve but keep it positive.

50-70 points – not quite so good.  Where did they score lowest? Are they omitting to engage callers in an interested way about your house? Or missing the fundamentals of gathering information? Perhaps sit down with your agent and discuss these points, but again, keep your feedback positive.

30 – 50 points – oh dear! Are you getting viewings? I bet you aren’t! This really isn’t a great result.  Consider seriously changing agents to a more proactive one who will engage callers and take information for follow up.

Under 30 points – time to move on! Seriously, if your agent scores this low, you’ll never sell your house! Move on to a new agent as soon as you possibly can.

If you’re wondering which agent to move to, repeat the exercise above with several of the agents in your area and see who scores the highest!

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