Smartphones – making your listing stand out

Do you have a Smartphone? The chances are, your buyer does!  Research just out shows that 28% of us now are using a mobile device as our primary internet connection.  The fact that your buyers may be conducting their p... Read more

Do your photographs give too much away?

Spring is such a lovely time of year.  Many of the houses we work with at HomeTruths are rural or village homes, surrounded by fields and woodland, and look absolutely beautiful at this time of year.  I love how the fl... Read more
a fireplace Sales progression management

Sales Progression Management – what is it?

Did you know that on average, 36% of sales arranged in England and Wales fall through after the offer is accepted? It’s a scary thought, especially when so often so much is riding on the sale of your house. Sales pro... Read more
a wall clock and a sofa set Who are you trying to convince_

Who are you trying to convince?

At HomeTruths, a very important part of our service is to provide to our clients a comprehensive and detailed report on their asking price. We look at several different data points in order to establish whether they are ... Read more
beatiful bedroom with lampshade Loads of viewings but no offers

Loads of viewings but no offers – why?

Sometimes it seems that every weekend sees you tidying, vacuuming and getting rid of the dogs yet again, but come Monday, it’s the same old story – they aren’t interested. I spoke to a gentleman recentl... Read more
book on top of the table and Fireplace beside Do it your way!

Do it your way!

When clients come to HomeTruths because they can’t sell their house, the first place I look for clues as to why this is happening, is their marketing. Now, anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time at ... Read more