Hide and seek! Do you have a for sale sign up?

An opened Encyclopedia placed on top of a wooded table, surrounded by a comfortable sofa sitting beside a wide glass window.

It is quite a surprising fact, but many people are choosing against putting up a for sale sign outside of their house. Peoples reasoning stems from the awkwardness of having a home up for sale for a long time, to the risk of having random strangers from the street come to your door asking to snoop. All valid reasons, but what if the lack of sign means you’re losing potential marketing exposure? In reality, you are. Unless you are in a very lackadaisical frame of mind to sell your home and in no particular rush, there are far too many benefits you will lose if you don’t put up a sign. Read our reasons why below:

Confirmation – For many interested buyers, a for sale sign is a confirmation of what they have seen on the internet, or in the estate agents window. If they go out for a drive to see your house in the daylight, they could struggle to find it, especially if there wasn’t a number attached to the property in the ad, and if houses in the area look pretty similar. Putting a sign up approves what they have seen, and helps them decide whether they want to make a viewing to look past the front door.

Neighbours – Even if you live on the quietest road in your entire town, this doesn’t mean a for sale sign isn’t a priority. A sign is free marketing for your neighbours to look at in interest, and not because they are happy about you moving (hopefully not!), but because of the advantages it may offer to them.Your neighbours may have friends or relatives who are interested in moving into the neighbourhood and have been actively seeking a property nearby. If you don’t put a sign up, how will they know? Your local community can really help you sell your home.

Potential interest – If your house is on a road that receives a lot of traffic, a for sale sign opens up your home to thousands of eyes every day. If someone likes your neighbourhood and uses their drive to work to sniff out any potential properties to look at, your sign can instantly provide a prospective viewing for you. Interested buyers can then check out your property online when they get to their desks, and make an appointment to see it.

Technology Advances – Technology has improved so much over the past few years, and one recent new addition is a ‘QR’ code. This is a code that is created to link to a specific web page. So if one was created for your for sale sign, interested parties walking by could scan the code with their smartphones, and instantly have access to your property brochure and additional details on their phone, including the number to ring to make an appointment.

By not placing a for sale sign outside of your home, you are reducing your homes chances for exposure, and may miss out on a potential viewer.

The advantages far out way the disadvantages; if you’re concerned about people turning up on your doorstep out of the blue, ensure the sign stipulates viewing by appointments only. If you’re concerned about the length of time your for sale sign will be up, don’t be. If it is marketed correctly, it’ll be sold in no time.

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questions here and if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch.