Bachelor pad a no-go; females are hunting too

So what do women want? It’s a question Mel Gibson attempted to answer back in the day in his 2000 hit, as he inadvertently delved into the female psyche. Whilst sadly he didn’t manage to cover female property desires, we can tell you that women want plenty. The whole women are from Venus and Man are from Mars comes into play here; a woman’s want list is pretty different than men’s.

Research has shown that women are more centered on their emotions while property hunting, whereas men have a mental checklist that they’re aiming to tick off. And whereas plenty of couples are house hunting, there are a lot of single women wanting to jump on to the property market too. It is illogical to not consider the female buyer when you put your property on the market. You want to appeal to everyone, and females are a large segment. If you’ve got a pretty swanky bachelor pad on your hands and are looking to move on, it is going to prove pretty difficult for a woman to picture her life amongst the masculine styling.

With this in mind, this month we’re going to be focusing on The Female Buyer, looking at marketing for women buyers, and the differences you can make to your home. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at various different marketing tactics, so stay tuned!

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