10p Cupcakes, Coconut Shie and Hook a house!

A vase with flowers and some lemons and tea cups on top of a table under the sun

Summer is a perfect time to take advantage of guerrilla marketing when it comes to selling your house. If you’re new to the term ‘guerrilla marketing’ read our previous blog post on the topic. Essentially, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, and consumers are targeted in unexpected ways and places. The results are usually pretty responsive, with marketing your home no exception. So where can you take advantage this summer? Take a look at some ideas…

Summer fetes & Car Boot Sales – Lovely summer weather attracts many seasonal events, and a summer fete or car boot sale is an ideal time to advertise your home. If you’re planning on holding a cake stall or you’re in charge of the raffle, place an advert alongside your table with details of your home on it. You could have a few printed brochures to hand for anyone interested. Ensure you ask the event organisers beforehand, and maybe offer to donate something towards the cause of the summer fete.

Bulletin Boards – Bulletin and notice boards are regularly checked over the summer, especially for parents seeking out activities and childcare for their children. This is a perfect time to put up an advert about your home; make it colourful and informative, and make sure you add your contact details. Great places that let you advertise include supermarkets, gyms, churches and corner shop windows.

Social Media – If you’ve previously missed it, have a read on our post about advertising your home on social media. With just a few simple guidelines, your home could be reaching your target audience within hours, and is perfect for filling with summer lifestyle photographs of your home!

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questions here and if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch.

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