Think like a buyer

Think like a buyer

When your buyer is searching for their new home, there are several steps they will take.  By knowing a little more about what’s going on in their mind, you may be able to influence their behaviour, and persuade them t... Read more
Timing is everything

Timing is everything

When you get a call from your estate agent to book in a viewing, are you ultra accommodating, eager to please?  Do you change your plans in order to make sure that your viewers can view your home when they want to? Le... Read more
Who are you trying to convince

Who are you trying to convince?

At HomeTruths, a very important part of our service is to provide to our clients a comprehensive and detailed report on their asking price. We look at several different data points in order to establish whether their  s... Read more
Home is where your heart is

Home is Where YOUR Heart is

Houses are composed of bricks and mortar, and are described in square feet and pound signs.  Homes are full of future dreams and hopes, of family Christmases, and special birthdays; of engagement proposals, football fai... Read more
What are you paying your agent

What are you paying your agent?

It never ceases to amaze me that around 70% of my clients don’t know the commission fee they have agreed with their agent. Given that agents seem to be prepared to negotiate and reduce their fees in order to achieve th... Read more
Why aren’t I getting viewings

Why aren’t I getting viewings?

It’s very frustrating when you aren’t getting viewings.  I spoke to a lady this week who has only had one viewing in three years!  Much more common is for sellers to contact us when they haven’t had a viewing for... Read more
The Whos who of viewings

The Who’s Who of viewings

Who should show viewers round your house? Over the years, I’ve heard many arguments for and against the homeowner showing their home to potential buyers. There are agents who will always tell a vendor to conduct viewin... Read more
Are you in the seller's mindset 3

Are you in the seller’s mindset?

In a tricky market like this one, it’s difficult to keep up the momentum that perhaps you once felt when you first put your home on the market.  Now, many months down the line and still no sale in sight, you may be lo... Read more
3 quick reasons not to drop your price 2

3 quick reasons not to drop your price

For our clients, we focus fully on achieving the highest sale price possible. Here are three reasons not to drop your asking price: If you don’t believe in your asking price, why should your buyer? Be confident your ho... Read more