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Planning cover 3dFree Guide – Planning To Sell.

So you’ve decided to sell your house and are wondering how to go about it? Great! You’re in the best possible position to do it right – first time.

By taking these steps one at a time, you’ll ensure that you launch your property to the market with a bang, and get those buyers to take notice.

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Struggling cover 3dFree Guide – Struggling To Sell.

Maybe you’ve been trying to sell for several months now, or even years. Our record at HomeTruths is a beautiful Georgian home in Chichester that had been on the market for a staggering seven years! It’s not at all uncommon for frustrated sellers to contact us after two or three years on the market, wondering what they can do to improve their situation. Download your free guide today.

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Trying cover 3dFree Guide – Trying To Sell.

When you put your home on the market you may have hoped excitedly for it to sell quickly, and that at the very least you’d be overrun with viewers wanting to look around your lovely home.

But that was several weeks, if not months ago, and as the viewings dwindle to only one or two a month, your enthusiasm has waned and you’re beginning to wonder what else you can do.

If you ask your estate agent, they will probably blame the market, or your asking price, or both.  Before you drop the price, change your agent, or repaint your living room, take a look at our Home Selling Checklist to make sure you have all bases covered.

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Selling Secrets cover 3D10 Steps to Sell Your Home.

Every year, around 300,000 properties in the UK never leave the estate agent’s window. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them!

10 Steps to Sell Your Home helps you take control with a step-by-step guide to preparing your home for a professional sale. Research your market. Know the true value of your property. Give your house “kerb appeal” and sell for a price that puts a smile on your face.

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