Wall of Shame


Wall of Shame – Beastly Bedrooms

Introducing this week’s…. Wall of Shame (cue loud scary noises and frightened screams). Over the past years, I’ve encountered some absolutely shocking property photographs. So fasten your seat belt, and prepar... Read more

Wall of shame – Almost perfect!

Great photography is ideal for giving away the best impression of your home. Sometimes though, just one tiny imperfection – or big, in some of these cases – can dent the photo. Check out some of our great finds below... Read more

Wall of Shame – Creepy Stuff

This week’s Wall of Shame is downright creepy! Strange pictures and odd objects, that have no place in property photography…. Creepy doll on creepy doll’s knee – not a great combination. Creepy black cat.. now, w... Read more
Messy-kitchen 1

Wall of Shame – Cluttered Corners

We’ve all got them, but we wouldn’t necessarily photograph them to take pride of place on Rightmove! Let’s kick off with this beauty… Oh my goodness…. Nice use for an ironing board. And this one is just screami... Read more
Maybe the agent was hanging from the ceiling.

Wall of Shame – Wonky Pictures

Hi and welcome to another terrifically terrible Wall of Shame! This week, we’re leaning…. left, right, up, down… every which way.   They are all wonky! This little collage will get your head bobbing. Artistic ima... Read more
Black-and-white-Rightmove 1

Wall of Shame – Peculiar Pictures

Every now and again, some kind person sends me an image for my Wall of Shame that makes me ask “What on earth…?!” Perhaps these agents have popped into the pub on their way to take these photographs, or even worse ... Read more
this house looks sooooo spooky

Wall of Shame – Photography Lesson Needed

Hi-de-hi campers – it’s Friday, and that means a brand new Wall of Shame! Today, we’re taking a poke at agents who think they are photographers, but they are so NOT!! First up is getting the lighting right – this... Read more