Wedding traditions of different peoples of the world

A wedding is the main event in the life of a young family. Such a celebration requires painstaking and lengthy preparation, thinking through every detail of the event. Design of invitation cards, choice of wedding date, place of celebration, toastmasters and wedding styles. Every young couple wants to arrange an original celebration that would be remembered for a long time.
Each state has its own customs and traditions for the wedding, which must be observed. What wedding ceremonies exist in Russia and other countries of the world? Let's try to figure it out.
American and English brides are very painstaking in choosing a wedding dress. By tradition, it should include some modern new detail, some antique, something the bride should borrow from her friends and be sure to be in a blue suit.
German grooms on their wedding day specially put a small amount of grain in their suit pockets. According to the old custom, grain brings wealth and good luck to the newlyweds.
In Greece, a mandatory accessory of guest costumes is an eye, which should protect a young family from various kinds of failures. Also, on the wedding night, children should run around the newlyweds' bed. This is done in order for the offspring in the family to be healthy.
In Hungary, motorists who meet a wedding motorcade start honking in honor of the newlyweds.
In Nigeria, there is a rather funny custom – before the wedding, the bride must gain weight. If she fails to do this, then the groom must return her to her parents.
Kenyans paint the bride's feet and hands with religious patterns before the wedding celebration. This paint lasts for the next year and emphasizes the new status of the young wife. Even in Kenya, there is a funny tradition for us – a young husband must wear women's clothes during the first year of family life in order to feel all the difficulties of the female share.
In India, a newlywed couple, after the completion of the wedding ceremony, one of the guests showers flower petals. This symbolizes the protection of the new cell of society from evil spirits.
There are a lot of original wedding traditions in Russia, each of which has its own meaning. For example, the groom cannot see his future wife in a wedding dress until the wedding day. Another custom is that the newlyweds should take a bite out of the loaf. Whoever managed to bite off more will be the head of the family. Milky Wins Casino offers a unique online gaming experience to players looking to indulge in slot games and virtual casino classics. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of game choices, the platform offers favorable odds for players to increase their winnings. The casino offers attractive bonuses for new players on registration and frequent reload bonuses. The customer support team is readily available to attend to any queries or concerns, and the safety and security of personal information are given prime importance.