Tips for Passing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Mission: R-07 Assassination Attempt # 2

The last left-hander in the game.

Start AR and find the last left-hander (4/4) in the game - he stands on a raised platform on the left.

The last Person in the Box is inside this container.

Cut off the hand, deal with the rest of the cyborgs and go to the stack of the container located next to the marker on the map. Inside, among the containers, there is the last Person in the Box. Deal with him and go to the marker to see the screensaver and start the boss battle.

Boss - Metal Gear Excelsus

At first, Excelsus is simpler than it might seem.

At first glance, the fight may seem a bit complicated because there are several ways the boss attacks. Knowing his attacks, knowing what can be blocked, and what you need to escape from, will make your task much easier. Attacks that Excelsus uses:

Vertical attack with both blades - you need to dodge this one because it can't be blocked. As soon as the boss raises both blades, wait until he starts to descend, and, a moment before the blade strikes, dodge (Defensive Attack) to avoid taking damage. Now you have a few seconds to attack before the boss makes another attack.
Horizontal attack with both blades - Excelsus performs this a few seconds before attacking with the previous one. Dodging doesn't work this time - if you want to avoid damage, just parry this attack.

The vertical attack with the ne blade is a variant of the previous attack, where the difference is that instead of both, the boss strikes with one blade. Although this attack is faster than the two-blade version, it is easier to dodge. Don't forget to attack the blades while they are on the ground.
Limb Attack - From time to time Excelsus stops using his blades and attacks with one of the hoof-like limbs. This attack resembles the one used by Metal Gear Ray, so the method of preventing it is similar. You just need to bounce back a moment before the limb hits the ground. After each attack, you get a short moment to deal damage by attacking a limb.

Plasma ray attack - similar to the attack used by Metal Gear Ray. The difference is that Excelsus has two guns and attacks in a straight line in your direction (you can avoid this by standing between separate beams) and horizontally (to avoid this, just increase the distance).

Use the blade mode on Gekko to restore health.

In addition, Excelsus will summon several Gekko robots to help (when he starts attacking with plasma beams). You can use them to restore your health - remember that you can also use the blade mode on Geckos killed by Excels).

Continue fighting using Blade mode until a piece of information appears on the screen, and the QTE sequence begins shortly after. After that, Metal Gear will eventually become just garbage.

A small battle arena does not make your life easier. jeetwin