We are raising a confident child

We are raising a confident child.

Sensible parents understand how important it is to raise their child self-confident, independent and enthusiastic. Such a child will be able to achieve a lot in the future.
When parents are excessively demanding of a child, make excessive demands on him, are constantly dissatisfied with him, he may develop an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with himself. And in the future, this will lead to bad luck and low self-esteem.
If a little person feels the love of his parents, knows that, if necessary, in a difficult situation, dad and mom will definitely help him, he feels protected.
• Tell your child as often as possible how much you love him, how dear he is to you. This will make him more confident in himself. Since childhood, he will have a feeling of being needed by people.
• Never compare your child with others, do not tell him that his friend or girlfriend is smarter, knows more, learns better. Don't give him a reason to feel worse than others, not as good as you want. Every person is unique, everyone is given their own talent from above, and so is your child. Successful and talented people set a goal and achieve it. Other people's achievements make them even harder to achieve their goals. Teach this to your child.
• Never tell your child that something will not work out. On the contrary, support and encourage all his good initiatives. Prompt and help if necessary, but not intrusively. Look for hidden talents in your child.
• Even the smallest child is already a person. And this person should be respected and appreciated.
• Listen to your child's opinion, trust him. Not only adults teach children, but children can also teach us, adults, a lot.
• Praise him more often, but don't over-praise him. Be sure to praise specifically for something, even for a small achievement. It will give him more confidence.
• Rejoice with your child in all his achievements. He should see that this is important not only to him, but also to his parents.
• Respect your child. Ask him for advice on issues that are accessible to his age. This will add to his sense of self-importance in the family.
Children always copy and transfer the relationship between their parents to their future family, no matter how much they try to hide their problems from him. Therefore, take care of yourself, take care of love and happiness in your family, so that your child will be happy and loved in his adult life. And then it will be successful. https://doradobet.org/app/