Love is just a chemical reaction and cherry juice will help you sleep better

Love is just a growth factor of nerves, otherwise RFN. This is what scientists say, who strive to give a scientific explanation to everything. Moreover, this factor is short-lived, its intoxicating effect expires after one year after falling in love. It is then that people who love each other begin to pay attention to the annoying elements of living together. Such as an uncoiled tube of toothpaste, for example.

According to Enzo Emanuel from the Italian University of Pavia, the RFN plays one of the main roles "in the chemistry of social manifestations of people." It was this element that the research conducted by Dr. Emanuel and his group was devoted to.

58 women and men from 18 to 31 years old took part in them. One part of the participants experienced a state of falling in love, the second already had a relationship with representatives of the opposite sex, the third was not in partnership.

As experts say, the participants in love were required to experience deep feelings towards each other. They were required to spend at least four hours a day thinking about the object of their love. After the tests, it turned out that the level of RFN in the blood of the participants in love reached 227 units. For comparison, it is enough to say that people in long-term relationships gave out indicators of 123 units of RFN in the blood. Moreover, the quantitative content of RFN also increased the intensity of feelings.

After one year, additional tests were carried out, which revealed the same level of RFN in the blood of the former ardently in love, as in couples living together for a long time.

Professor Emanuel claims that his group managed to accomplish something hitherto unseen: they touched an unexplored area of peripheral neutrophin levels in people in love. As the researchers say, "an increased level of RFN in lovers may be associated with specific emotions that are usually associated with an emotionally intense early period of romantic love, such as emotional dependence and euphoria."

The results of the research were published on the pages of the publication "Psychoneuroendocrinology". Scientists plan to continue experiments to finally unravel the great mystery of love.

Cherry juice will help you sleep better

It turns out that for those who have problems sleeping at night, or suffer from insomnia, the best solution is not medication sleeping pills, but the most ordinary cherry juice. Ideally, of course – without sugar.

Studies have shown that a glass of cherry juice in the evening and in the morning helps to stabilize the nervous system and increases the duration of natural sleep by about 17-20 minutes. In addition, the night's sleep becomes deeper.

Previous studies have found that approximately 25% of adults have problems with sleep, its depth and duration. In turn, sleep disorders lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of daytime activities, as well as a deterioration in metabolism, which can lead to serious health disorders. According to doctors, regular consumption of natural cherry juice has an extremely positive effect on the human body, normalizes the activity of the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems, and also allows you to get rid of vitamin deficiency.