The subtleties of building a foundation yourself

You can build a columnar foundation yourself if you know all the nuances and have basic knowledge. The reliability and durability of the entire structure will depend on how well the foundation is built, so pay special attention to the installation of the foundation during construction. Installation of the foundation does not tolerate mistakes, which you will not be able to fix in the future. The work itself is not as difficult as it seems, but you need to be attentive and patient. Before starting work, inspect the site and determine the composition of the soil, choose a place and make the necessary measurements.The foundations of the columnar foundation of this structure will consist of pillars connected to each other by a girder located above ground level. Ranbalka is the main part of the foundation, which takes on the whole burden of the future house. Depending on the type of building and construction, the upper part of the foundation can be made of different materials. It can be reinforced concrete, metal or wood.As a rule, columnar foundations are widely used in the construction of simple lightweight structures made of wood. Usually projects of single-storey houses have a basement, so this foundation is not suitable for such buildings. The pillars are placed strictly in the corners of the building and at the junction of the outer and inner walls, so the structure will be stronger.In order to save money, columns of 2. 5x2. 5 cm are used. For reinforcement of vertical carriers, metal rods of 10-12 mm in size are taken, for horizontal ones - 5-6 mm and they are installed at a distance of at least 250 mm from each other. The area of the support can be expanded by increasing the reinforced concrete pillars in the lower part. Pipes must be reinforced and concreted, so they act as a permanent formwork. The fittings rise above these pipes for subsequent dressing with a grillage. Burnt brick or ironstone is also well suited for the construction of a columnar foundation.The dimensions of brick pillars cannot be less than 510x510 mm, of stone - 600x600, of wood - 200 mm. At the same time, the wood is processed before use. Posts made of wood are covered with hot bitumen and wrapped in roofing material or 20 mm of wood is fired. The finished pillars are buried in the corners 1 meter deep, the rest of the pillars can be buried to a lesser depth. Looking for a place where you can claim some free spins while on GamStop? This is one of the most important bonuses for UK players and one of the most beneficial. Free spins no deposit no GamStop isn’t as easy to find as you may think, but SlotoNauts casino did all the hard work instead of you. .We were able to find non GamStop casinos that are safe to use and still offer this bonus. Each casino not on GamStop with free spins was properly tested for a period of 4 days and reviewed by the experts.