Property marketing

kitchen dining table and countertop with chairs Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion, Extension Or Move Home?

Maybe you’re looking at your little ones, and you realise they’re just not that little anymore. Or you’re fed up of shifting essentials from room to room, because there’s not really a place for them to call home.... Read more
Flower vase at the top of table Do you have a marketing strategy (1)

Is your marketing strategy working?

This month we’re focusing around reviewing where you home is at in the selling process. How is your marketing looking? In the sellers’ market, fantastic marketing can mean the difference between sold or sitting on th... Read more
sofa set with pillows Your online property advert

Is your online property advert too talkative?

The online advert for your property must paint a flawless picture of your home to generate attention. We’ve touched on imagery and brochures, but what if your advert is a bit of a chatterbox? As in, what if your advert... Read more