What’s the Point of a Viewing Rep?

I once went to view a property on behalf of a client; a lovely little cottage in Cheshire.  When I arrived with a colleague, the front door was wide open and the viewing ‘rep’ was standing in the kitchen, reading th... Read more
Beautiful bed with lampshade 9 Styling secrets

9 styling secrets to help you sell your home

You’re just about to put your home up for sale. You’ve chosen your estate agent, decided upon an asking price, and planned your launch date.  Your home is looking wonderful: spick and span, and sparkly clean. Now al... Read more
Fire place NLP_ what is it

What can NLP teach us about selling houses?

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be described as a ‘behavioural technology’.  According to Mind Training Systems in Surrey, an NLP Master Practitioner Training Centre, this simply means that it is a “set o... Read more
Hallway with side table flowers and mirror Five selling secrets every seller should know

Five selling secrets every seller should know

When you’re selling your home, it seems that everyone knows something you don’t. Why that viewer didn’t buy, even though they gushed over your new lino; why your estate agent isn’t returning your calls; and why y... Read more
Flower vase The sweet smell of success

The sweet smell of success

Freshly brewing coffee? Baking bread? Do they really work? In my opinion, these are just a little bit too obvious – and as such, will come across as you trying too hard. However, it is true that the sense of smell does... Read more
Fire place The push and pull effect

The PUSH and PULL effect

Why are you selling your home? Are you leaving from a situation, or going to somewhere in particular, or both? Everyone’s motivation for selling is different, and whilst many of HomeTruths’ clients are downsizing, ... Read more