Why pink shoes don’t sell houses

A lady called me last week to tell me about her house and the fact it wasn’t selling.  She went into a lot of detail about how she had chosen which agent would be instructed to market her house whilst I listened inten... Read more
Muddy shoes

A quick word on muddy shoes…

At this time of year, a viewer can bring more than dreams and visions to your home: the bottom of their shoes can leave a lasting reminder of their visit! Asking your visitors to take off their shoes is often awkward, pa... Read more
Couch 5 ways

5 Ways to Keep Your Agent Onside

It’s very tempting when the market is difficult to blame your estate agent, especially when you doubt they are actually doing anything proactive to sell your house. But however inclined you might feel to bawl them out,... Read more

12 Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Help You Sell

Have you heard of guerrilla marketing? The term was coined and defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Marketing and was invented as an unconventional system of promoting something, that relies on time, e... Read more
Pillows Headlines that grab

Headlines that grab

Headlines are meant to command your attention.  Think of the front page of our daily newspapers, the News at Ten summary before the Big Ben bongs and the way our gaze is snagged by the headlines on the front cover of gl... Read more

How many photos is too many?

A gentleman called me recently, and asked me this very question: “How many photos of my house online is too many?” “How many do you have?” I asked him. “77” came the reply. Yes, if you’re wondering, 77 phot... Read more

Let Buyers See Your Front Door

When a potential buyer sees a photograph of your house, they will have an emotional reaction to it, to some degree.  The reaction may be positive or negative; it may be indifference, which will probably cause them to di... Read more